There’s no denying that we live in a visual world. As of today, 69% of American adults use some form of social media. That means you can, with the opening of a laptop, reach hundreds of millions of people. Maybe you’ve been in business for 30 years or you’ve just embarked on the startup journey. No matter where you’re at in your business, your success has been a byproduct of one thing: your business image. Your image as a business represents your reputation, your integrity, and the quality of work you do.

Go with me here. Let’s say your home foundation is crumbling. When you search for someone to make the repairs, who do you choose? Would you choose the company with a tasteful logo and professional photography? Or would you choose the google option that has no identification? My bet is that you would choose the company that took the time to craft their business image. They hired a graphic designer to create their branding. They hired a professional photographer to shoot creative headshots. They hired a web developer and designer to build their attention-grabbing website. Bad photos “run people off”, as we say in Mississippi. They create a distaste for whatever you are selling.

Wouldn’t you do the same for your own business image? Let me clarify what I mean by a bad image. I don’t mean the subjective “bad” in terms of how we judge art on a wall. A bad photo is any photo that doesn’t help your business grow.

Here are 5 ways bad photos are hurting your business:

1. Bad photos don’t tell a story.

Shot for Find It In Fondren

This one is the most important. Along with our visually addicted age, we’re in a story addicted age. We love tv shows, crime podcasts, and soul-wrenching novels. We are addicted to good stories and the way narratives move us through emotions. In the same way, your business and brand should be telling a story with your business image.

Good photography helps people feel like they are a part of what you’re doing. It brings them inside your brand in a way poor images never could.

2. Bad photos tell consumers that you don’t believe in your product.

Cultivation Food Hall, Jackson, Mississippi

If you spend months developing a product and then display it in a poor way, it communicates that this isn’t something you see worth investing in — so why would a consumer? Or if you want people to hire you as a consultant, you should believe in yourself enough to have high-end, tasteful portraits of yourself made by an artist.

3. Bad photos give a bad first impression.

Nancy Winkelmann Interior Design

Since the whole world is basically on social media, you should not only be active on various social platforms but you should be creating the best-looking content. What’s the first thing you want people to notice upon meeting you? Kindness, well-groomed, appropriately dressed? The same should be true for your business. When people meet your business, they should see photos that are attractive and cause your brand to be memorable. Couple the quality of your services with quality photos. Don’t cheap out.

4. Bad photos do not accurately represent your product

We see this a lot in restaurants. For a restaurant, the revealing of dishes in photographs should be at the top of the list for budgeting priority. When a patron visits your restaurant, they’re taking a risk. If they love the images they see of your food online prior to coming, they feel confident that their experience will be outstanding. The way food looks is just as important as it tastes. If you are a restaurateur, you have the opportunity to reach thousands of people with pictures of your food. Hire someone who understands light and composition to help you shoot images of your dishes that make people’s mouths water. If you shoot it beautifully, they will come.

5. Bad photos don’t grab attention.

As it stands, people have a hard enough time getting customers to stay on their website. Most people don’t stay on a website for longer than 10-20 seconds. One of the best ways you can keep their attention is with stunning photography. Whether you are a restaurant or a life insurance company, you can provide gorgeous imagery that grabs attention from your competitors. One of the most common issues I see is that most business owners don’t know they have bad photography. They just hired a bystander with a camera and hoped for the best.

The best way to combat bad photos is mindful intentionality. Be intentional about having good photos made from a real artist who cares about their craft. No one drifts towards beautiful photos.

There you have it. Of course, the type of photography we’re discussing doesn’t come without a cost. It may seem hard to get started, but I want to help you and your business make an impact that lasts! Get in touch with me and we will make your brand not have bad photos.